National Assembly Finance Bill

The Senate president, senator Ahmed Lawan on his Twitter handle has disclosed the passage of the national Assembly finance bill intended to ensure that the national Assembly streamline the tax system in the country

He disclosed that the Finance Bill is intended to ensure that we (National Assembly) streamline the tax system in Nigeria and get revenue for government to provide services and infrastructure to the citizens of this country.

What we have done is very significant because this is to ensure we not only have credible and reliable sources of funding for the 2020 Budget, but also for subsequent activities of government.

The revenue generating agencies will have to sit up. The National Assembly, particularly the Senate, will be mounting a lot of oversight on the revenue generating agencies. If they have targets, we must ensure they meet these targets.

What we intend to do is to engage the revenue generating agencies on a quarterly basis to evaluate their performance on revenue generation, and to identify if there are challenges and how we can achieve better outcomes.

I believe what we have done is not to put tax burdens on the ordinary people. What we have done is to create more revenues to provide services and infrastructure for Nigerians, including the ordinary people.

This exercise was done in a bi-partisan manner, and that is what we are known for.

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